About Me =)

Hey friends, this is my beautiful world of yarns. I just love doing crochet as it brings a smile on 12072673_402861109910311_7562089463350950138_nmy face 🙂

My inspiration behind this talent is my Mum. She taught me how to crochet & knit years ago but I never took it seriously. Subsequently, I started taking interest in this & here I am – so obsessed with crochet!!!

When I started my business, I was not sure where it will lead to..but with the support of my family I managed to invest some time in this by learning this art all over again. I still go back to the expert – my mum for advice when I get stuck somewhere 🙂

My first crochet project was a mobile cover which I had made for my son. Starting from a mobile cover to products like headbands, booties, beanies etc…the list is now endless – giving birth to what you are seeing now –  RAES CREATIONS!!